1. Members of the media may be granted access to the Conference under the following provisions.
  2. Media representatives requesting credentials are required to preregister by August 11, 2023.
  3. All media representatives must send a request to attend via email containing their full name, title/affiliation, publication name, address, phone number, email address, and any social media handles to CA06-Conf@ca6.uscourts.gov by 5 PM (ET) Friday, August 11, 2023.
  4. Media representatives must clearly display their official press credentials in addition to a Judicial Conference ID badge, provided by the Sixth Circuit, at all times while in the conference facility.
  5. Media access is limited to general sessions, listed below. Media representatives may not participate in the Q&A sessions appended to any conference session.
  6. Pencil-and-pad coverage and still-camera photography only. Still-camera photography is limited to the first and last two minutes of a session. Recording devices are permitted for notetaking purposes only. No video filming or audio or video broadcasting is permitted.

Please note that there is no press room at the conference. Media must make their own arrangements for telephone, fax, email, and internet access where public Wi-Fi is not available.